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Thermokynnys® is a robust and energy-efficient patented threshold solution for industry, fire stations, clean spaces, machine halls, warehouses and garages.


Thermokynnys® HD

  • A neat and wear-resistant solution that is suitable for most destinations.
  • Made of 3mm thick hot-dip galvanized carbon steel (S235JRC).
  • Mountings made of hot-dip galvanized rebar.
  • Insulation material either EPS or urethane board.
  • Width 150mm, in the standard lengths 2500, 3200, 4500 and 6000 mm.
  • Can also be delivered in the customer's preferred length.

Thermokynnys® HD-Plus

  • An overall economic solution for demanding sites that require special corrosion and wear resistance.
  • Made of 3 mm thick acid-proof stainless steel (AISI 316).
  • Mountings made of stainless rebar.
  • Insulation material either EPS or urethane board.
  • Width 150mm, in the standard lengths 2500, 3200, 4500 and 6000 mm.
  • Can also be delivered in the customer's preferred length.

The Thermokynnys® HD and HD plus thresholds are equipped with sturdy 100 mm-long mountings for joining to the reinforcement of the floor and the ramp. However, the thresholds can also be delivered with longer 600 mm mountings. The height of the insulation element in standard products is 100 mm, but the element can also be cut to size according to the customer's needs.

Thermokynnys® Lite

  • A cost-effective, clean and wear-resistant solution for garages and warehouses.
  • Made of 3 mm thick hot-dip galvanized carbon steel (S235JRC).
  • Mountings made of hot-dip galvanized rebar.
  • Insulation material either pre-attached EPS or urethane board.
  • Width 60mm, in the standard lengths 2500 and 3200 mm.
  • Height of the insulation element 100 mm.

Thermokynnys® Heat

  • An automatically controlled electronic threshold warming system for cold and freezing conditions.
  • Effectively ensures the operation of the door seal at the interfaces of the threshold under cold and freezing conditions.
  • Offers significant cost savings in power consumption compared to traditional solutions.
  • Available as an optional accessory for Thermokynnys HD and Thermokynnys HD plus models.

Thermokynnys® edge reinforcement

  • A neat and durable solution for the edge of the ramp. Can be installed as a standalone component or in combination with Thermokynnys HD, HD-plus and Lite thresholds.
  • Delivered in standard lengths (2500, 3200, 4500, 6000 mm) or in the customer's preferred length. The material options are carbon steel S235JRC and acid-proof steel AISI 316. Correspondingly, the mountings are either carbon steel or stainless steel.

Thermokynnys® installation accessory kit

  • Includes the angle supports and urethane wedges required for the installation of the threshold during concrete casting. In addition, a wall-mounted thermostat housing is available as a separate option.

In addition to our standard products, we deliver custom-tailored threshold solutions to all needs with long-standing expertise.

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  1. Thermokynnys® edge reinforcement is a neat and durable solution for the edge of the ramp.
  2. Thermokynnys® breaks the cold bridge effectively and saves energy.
  3. Thermokynnys® is resistant to over-driving and remains tidy in use.
  4. Thermokynnys® seals the interface between the door and the floor.
  5. Thermokynnys® is suitable for use with different door solutions and improves their functionality.
  6. Thermokynnys® protects nearby water-circulating floor heating pipes from freezing.
  7. Thermokynnys® gives the building a well-maintained and polished appearance.
  8. Thermokynnys® is an inexpensive and finished product that is easy to install.
  9. The Thermokynnys® Heat defrosting system effectively prevents the door seal from freezing and ensures the smooth operation of the door in cold and freezing conditions. The functionality of the Thermokynnys threshold and its electricity consumption have been tested on the lifting door of a storage hall in port conditions in Tornio, northern Finland. The consumption during the winter 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 heating seasons was approximately 630 kWh/heating season, i.e., a cost of approximately 50 euros. Compared to the traditional solution, the saving was 90%!

Installation and repair service

  • We also provide door, doorway and damaged floor repairs as turnkey delivery.
  • We also offer threshold installation services for new properties.

Contact information and orders

  • Tero Laatunen
    CEO, Responsible foreman, Chief Planner
  • Tel: +358 50 3546311
  • Email: tero.laatunen @ thermokynnys.com
  • Postal Address: Thermokynnys Oy, Teollisuustie 28, 33330 Tampere,Finland

Shipping methods

  • Collect from our warehouse according to agreement
  • Shipping as a package to your address
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Products delivered to the following customers, among others:

  • Kake Container Oy, Tornio
  • Teollisuusrinki Oy, Tampere
  • Hämeen erikoistyö Oy, Nokia
  • Niemelän auto Oy, Rovaniemi
  • Ossauskosken kalanviljelyslaitos, Peura
  • Individuals in Southern and Central Finland

Photos and videos

Ideal for industrial halls Unrefined threshold in industrial hall Threshold uninstalled and installed Threshold cross-sectional image Cross-section, perspective image Installation guideline on threshold Hot-dip galvanized threshold Repair of damaged old threshold with Thermokynnys HD-plus Repair of damaged old threshold with Thermokynnys HD-plus Threshold with edge reinforcement Threshold with edge reinforcement Thermokynnys Lite Threshold with edge reinforcement, slope angle ready Threshold with long mountings Optional installation kit Optional control panel for heated thresholds installed Threshold in winter conditions


The designer of the Thermokynnys threshold is an experienced professional in the construction business. While visiting building sites he noticed a shortcoming in the implementation of doors an thresholds in garages and indsutrial halls. In these premises the concrete floor usually extends outside the door and is typically reinforced by an angled carbon steel profile at the edge. This kind of a solution consumes a lot of energy and, after some time, it often becomes very untidy due to the rusting of the profile and the cracking of the concrete.

Thus there was a need for a neat, energy efficient and finished threshold solution in the market, and Thermokynnys was designed to fill this gap. Thw first prototypes of the product were made for the designer's own garage.

The company Thermokynnys Oy was founded in 2016 to manufacture and sell insulated HD (heavy-duty) thresholds for garages and industrial halls.


  • +358 50 3546311
  • tero.laatunen @ thermokynnys.com
  • Thermokynnys Oy, Teollisuustie 28, 33330 Tampere